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VIDEO: Teen Tackles Addiction To Technology, Twitter — “people Need To Be Mindful Of What They Are Posting”

VIDEO: Teen tackles addiction to technology, Twitter — “people need to be mindful of what they are posting”

By Paloma DiBella
GSS Correspondent

WASHINGTON —A recent article in The New York Times, entitled “Are Teens Replacing Drugs with Smartphones?” highlights the addiction of technology and how it could be replacing drugs.

Could this be true? Overall, I’d say yes: In my opinion, teenagers use technology as an escape from the real world, much like the reason for doing drugs.

It’s a problem I’ve experienced personally. I’ve been exhausted, competing with technology to squeeze in a conversation with my sister or friends. I’ve communicated with my friends and family on social media more than I did in real life. So my idea for this video sprouted from this frustration.

As I began to film, I wanted to focus on technology taking away from our everyday lives. We often look right past simple things, such as growing flowers and chirping birds. But the beauty in our world won’t last forever, and if everyone is looking down on their smartphones, they’re missing their lives passing them by.

The message I was trying to portray through this video is that there are more important things in life than posting a photo or sending a Snapchat. If society as a whole can’t understand that, then we will never understand and value our lives for their true worth.

One last thing: Social media is a very powerful weapon. People who voice their opinions, like President Trump, need to be mindful of what they are posting and how it will affect people viewing the message.

—DiBella is a student at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, D.C. 

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