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Global Student Square thanks the following organizations for their support:

School Newspapers Online provides WordPress-based platforms and technical support to several of our participating schools around the world. SNO’s FLOW project management tool helps GSS editors keep track of what we do, no matter where we are or what time zone we’re in.

Flexible and powerful, with access to a  library of Getty images that can connect local readers to global events, Camayak is our go-to publishing tool, bringing together students from all over the world into one virtual newsroom.

The mission of the California Press Foundation is to be the guardian of the history and traditions of California journalism, to recognize and honor contemporary achievements, to assure the future of California journalism through encouragement of education and to provide a social and educational forum for its members.

Our fiscal sponsor is Media Alliance, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco. Its mission is “fostering a genuine diversity of media voices and perspectives, holding the media accountable for their impact on society and protecting freedom of speech.” Media Alliance’s sponsorship of GSS makes donations tax-deductible.

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