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PyeongChang Preview: 30 Days To The Winter Olympics In South Korea

PyeongChang Preview: 30 Days to the Winter Olympics in South Korea

By Jack Kim
GSS Correspondent

Editor’s note: Correspondent Jack Kim follows the news and gives you the scoop from Songdo, South Korea, on the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, Feb. 9 to Feb. 25. Follow Jack’s daily mini-reports @GSSVoices and Global Student Square on Instagram. All dates in Korean Standard Time (KST).

Friday, Jan. 12

No matter where you are in the world, if you’re a sportswriter you’re probably using The Associated Press Stylebook to make sure you use the correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation and other style rules when writing. In addition, for each Olympic Games the AP also releases a “topical guide” with “essential terms, spellings and definitions.”

Screenshot of our “Ask the editor” query on Jan. 12, 2017 regarding release of the 2018 PyeongChang styleguide. Screenshot by GSS staff.

Think you’re topically smart? Test your knowledge with this mini-quiz (see answers below): Should “short track speedskating” be hyphenated? What is the correct way to refer to the IOC (just the letters or spell out “International Olympic Committee” every time)? What was the cost of the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia? What was the mascot selected by Sochi organizers? And when referring to the Alpine skiing competition, is it “super-G,” “Super-G” or “super-g”?

We looked this week but couldn’t find the AP’s 2018 topical guide for the PyeongChang Games. But there’s good news — in a response to our “ask the editor” query (see right), the AP says it will be coming out “early next week.”

The AP’s topical guides are available to subscribers. Click here to get the AP Styleguide mobile app; a one-year subscription is $30.

Answers to our mini-quiz above: 1) no; 2) either the full term or abbreviation is acceptable on first reference, but use full title in the story; 3) $51 billion, making the Sochi games the most expensive in history; 4) there were actually three mascots: a snow leopard, a polar bear and a hare; 5) “super-G”

—the editors

Canadian men’s bobsled team at Canadian Olympic team website. Screenshot by GSS staff.

Thursday, Jan. 11

SONGDO, South Korea — Chadwick International, an independent high school located 36 kilometers west of Seoul, is preparing to host the Canadian Winter Olympic team. Chadwick has a wide range of sports facilities including a 400-meter track, fitness center and pool, which will be used by the Canadian bobsleigh, luge and skeleton teams. Teacher Michael Hawkes, a Canadian, says he’s excited about the athletes’ visit. “I hope to be able to meet some of them,” he said. “(It’s) a very special situation, indeed.”

Wednesday, Jan. 10

SONGDO, South Korea — CNBC is reporting that ticket sales for the upcoming Olympic Games in PyeongChang are slow, in part due to the expected absence of a key competitor — the Russian team. Last December the International Olympic Committee revealed the finalized list of banned Russian athletes. The IOC ban came after an insider revealed a state-led doping scheme at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. While many athletes received lifelong bans, according to CNN those who can prove they are clean of drugs may participate under a neutral flag.

Tuesday, Jan. 9

North Korean cheerleaders at a conference in China. Getty Images photo at

SONGDO, South Korea — With the start of the 2018 Olympics only a month away, the BBC reported that North Korea will send a delegation of “athletes, officials and a group of cheerleaders” to PyeongChang. The news is a surprise given South Korea’s never-ending issues with its northern neighbor.

“This is fantastic news!” said Jiwon Jung, captain of the cheerleading squad at Chadwick International School in Songdo, about 150 kilometers west of the site of the Winter Games. “I am really looking forward to seeing them.”

—Featured photo: The official logo of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea/Wikimedia Commons/public domain.

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