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The Blue Zone:

Where youth speaks out on climate change

Climate change affects the world — but rarely does the world come together to solve environmental problems.

Global Student Square correspondents in Paris, Bali, Barcelona and South Korea came together to produce this package of stories on the landmark COP21 climate change conference in Paris and environmental issues where they live.

As our editorial says:

“Just as the coverage of COP21 is impossible for any one team to do alone, climate change is an issue that commands the collaboration of individuals from all over the world, many who are strangers to one another, and many split by class and political divides, but all united in the hope of a more sustainable way of life.”

—the editors

Editorial: Thank you, Green School Bali

Collaboration is key for fighting climate change, a lesson we learned as student journalists.

Visualizing Change

Sometimes, the best way to think outside the box, resist fear, and erase carbon footprints is to … just draw it.

Social Media 411

Social media changed the climate debate by opening closed doors and creating new ways for youth to speak and learn. Here are our top picks for the best green handles, hashtags, pages and platforms.

Youth Day at COP21

Dragon parades, bicycle-powered battery charging stations and art masks for climate change were among many activities at the COP21’s Youth and Future Generations Day.

South Korea's 'yellow dust' problem

When China pollutes, Korea coughs, as students at Chadwick International School in Songdo have learned and documented.

Tracking Tuna in Barcelona

Two filmmakers went on a simple mission: To find the fish they eat in their cafeteria and the impact on the waters near their school.

Wild at Heart

“Wild is who we come from” is artist Asher Jay’s mantra — and her appeal to young activists who attended COY11.

A Plastic Predicament

Two teens launched a campaign that may eradicate the biggest environmental threat that Bali faces — plastic bags.

Stop the Fires

A flash mob performance by Green School Bali draws attention to orang utans and a palm oil trade that threatens their native habitats.

Up Next: Bamboo

Students at Green School Bali explain why they’ll head home and plant trees after attending the Conference of Youth and COP21.

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