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PHOTOS: Bali Students Create, Cover, Critique Conference Of Youth Summit In Morocco

PHOTOS: Bali students create, cover, critique Conference of Youth summit in Morocco

Marrakech, MOROCCO — Students from Green School in Bali, Indonesia, are attending and covering the Conference of Youth at the COP22 climate change summit in Marrakech:

Members of GS Green Generation, a Green School program that focuses on environmental activism and journalism, networked, performed flash mobs and set up a booth to describe Green School initiatives including Bye Bye Plastic Bags, a campaign that succeeded in persuading Bali to outlaw plastic bags as of 2018, and BioBus, a waste-oil recycling program.

Students from Green School of Bali, Indonesia, assemble a cardboard collage to draw attention to unnecessary food packaging for lunches provided to attendees at the Conference of Youth in Marrakesh, Morocco, on Nov. 5, 2016. Photo credit: GS Green Generation.

Photo credit: GS Green Generation.

Students collected signatures for a petition seeking access to the so-called “Green Zone” public space at the “Conference of Parties” summit that begins Nov. 8, created and marched in a puppet parade, and also drew attention to food waste and packaging (photo at left).

Follow more of Green School Bali’s coverage of the COY and COP22 on Facebook and watch Global Student Square for more reports from GS Green Generation.

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