Perspectives in Pictures: Yining Yang

By China Digital Discovery Camp correspondent Yining Yang, Beijing No. 4 High School International CampusIMG_0005

Serving the prime goal of “becoming the world leader in journalism, integrated marketing communications, innovation and technology,” the Northwestern Medill School of Journalism, located in its new educational space in the heart of the Bay Area, embraces the future of journalism and media. This photo depicts the Medill school’s news desk, highlighted in Northwestern purple.

IMG_0003The picture above shows the beautiful view outside the library. We were extremely shocked at this sight after stepping out the building, while it was hard to imagine there was a such beauty in a corner of this campus. Suddenly, we began to envy UCB students for the surprising scenery offered by their school. Unlike Medill we had just visited in the morning, UC Berkeley, as a wonderful university of over 40,000 students pursuing different degrees, is more inclined to provide a garden-like campus, which enables its members to fully immersed in the picturesque atmosphere and engage themselves in studying their own fields of study. If Medill at SF is a place to discover every hidden probability in the flourishing metropolis, UC Berkeley could be the place you focus back to yourself and work diligently in order to reach your inner goal.

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