Perspectives in Pictures: Lu Bai

By China Digital Discovery Camp correspondent Lu Bai, Beijing No. 4 High School International Campus

File_000 (3)After visiting the Northwestern Medill of San Francisco, Abe Peck brought to us a lecture on how to start up a company. Although we had already kept the class for about 90 minutes, and it was almost lunchtime, we completely threw ourselves into some breakout discussions with enthusiasm. So when I tried to take a photo of an animated group discussion, Cecilia immediately saw me and gave her classic pose. The other two group members, Tim and Peter, just tried not to show themselves in this scene. File_000 (4)
It was already 2 P.M. when we left the campus of UC Berkeley. Everyone was so tired and just wanted a cold drink or ice cream. Thankfully, we saw a Ben and Jerry’s.

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