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America’s Election Night Nears: Be A Foreign Correspondent For Your Peers

America’s election night nears: Be a foreign correspondent for your peers

Meghan Bobrowsky is a senior at Davis Senior High School. Meghan is editor-in-chief of her high school publication, a staff writer for her local paper and a graduate of the California Scholastic Press Association workshop. Aside from writing, Meghan loves poke bowls and running cross-country and track for the Blue Devils. Contact Meghan at or follow @BobrowskyMeghan on Twitter.

Follow @BobrowskyMeghan on Twitter.

Global Student Square’s video editor, Meghan Bobrowsky, kicks off our coverage of the U.S. presidential election with this video showing how students at Davis Senior High School in Davis, California, are thinking as America nears the end of a long, exhausting and frequently divisive presidential campaign.

Submit your own video to and we may feature it Tuesday along with recordings of our around-the-world videochats in Europe, Asia and the United States.

How should you go about being a foreign correspondent and doing your video? Just follow this step-by-step workflow from Meghan:

Step 1: Film two shots (inside or outside) using this intro and outro: “Hi! This is (first name, last name) reporting for Global Student Square from (specific location, city, country) …. This has been (first name, last name), reporting for GSS in (city).”

Step 2: Interview one to three people using iPhone and get permission to their name in the video. Make sure to hold the iPhone horizontally at all times and try not to move the camera.

Step 3: Edit in iMovie (should be about one minute in length). Start with intro, place interviews in the middle and end with outro.

Step 4: Use iMovie “News” theme to add music and titles for each interview. But don’t make either overpower the video itself!

global_student_square_logo_finalStep 5: Insert Global Student Square logo

Step 6: Upload finished video to YouTube and send a link to

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