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#45for45 Kickoff: Youth To Weigh In On Trump’s First 100 Days

#45for45 kickoff: Youth to weigh in on Trump’s first 100 days

By Kellen Browning
U.S. News Editor

Global Student Square is launching a new video project with one aim in mind: What do you have to say to America’s new president — the 45th @POTUS — Donald Trump?

President Trump’s first two and a half weeks in office have been marked by a flurry of executive actions and bold policy statements from his administration. Accordingly, our video project, called #45for45 — 45 videos for the 45th president — asks students in the U.S. and around the world to offer their take on Trump’s first 100 days.

Our kickoff video already features students from California, New York and Washington, D.C., plus France, Korea and Indonesia, talking about a range of concerns, from the Supreme Court to college tuition, Trump’s order for a ban on travel by Muslims to the U.S., and proposals for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico:

Subsequent videos will feature more student-journalists interviewing their peers and asking what issues matter most to millennials.

It’s important for us and for you to know that we want to hear both sides of the story and we don’t want to tell you what to say. So we invite videos on a wide range of topics: immigration, climate change, international relations, global trade, gun control, race relations, health care and anything else that’s on your mind.

You may want to address free speech, hate speech, what the media gets right/wrong or how to find facts in a post-truth world. But it could also be how to disagree without being disagreeable, or your teen guide to Twitter. We’re open to suggestions and hoping to be surprised.

Submissions from students of all backgrounds, ethnicities, political ideologies and religions are welcome. So, if you or your school is interested, please join our project — contact us at for instructions and advice on how to produce and send us your “45for45.”

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